18th April 2024
We Now Supply Equipment From Jufeba

With a huge surge in doughnut popularity, we have seen a high demand for frying options, and been asked for an alternative to the known brands and fryers.

As a result, we are delighted to launch a partnership with German manufacturer Jufeba. Jufeba are a family run business with over 70 years experience. They specialise in developing, designing and producing donut fryers for smaller bakeries and much larger frying lines for industrial use.

The Jufeba Frying systems offer an effective doughnut frying solution to suit the capacity required. Across tabletop and floor standing versions with an attractive price point, simple operation and a choice of capacities, making these units are ideal for continuous use.

The table top offers frying of between 18-60 pieces per cycle across the five capacities, with the floor standing version available in 3 capacities, offering frying of between 36-60 pieces per cycle. These fryers are manufactured Completely in stainless steel and feature a drain board, fryer cover, simple controls and display of frying temperature, and two frying screens.

Simple manual loading and turnover means these fryers can seamlessly fit into production without complicated implementation and training. With the capacities offering frying of up to 600 pieces per hour even the busiest doughnut hotspots can produce enough of these fried pillows of joy to keep up with customer demand!

Optional cake depositors, fat filters and prover bases can aid production further as required, making doughnut production easy!

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