22nd January 2024
Boosting our equipment catalogue with new equipment manufacturer partnerships

Having moved into our 30th year supplying bakery machinery to primarily the UK market we’ve had many, many requests over the years, along the lines of…“Do you guys sell these?”, “Can you get hold of one a…?” etc, and we’ve often only been able to supply the required equipment from our second-hand stock.  Whilst in many instances this has been sufficient, we’ve had gaps in our new equipment range we’ve been looking to fill.

With a 20+ year relationship with prestigious Italian manufacturers Polin being our mainstay represented brand, we’ve also stock and supplied new machinery from other brands.  As we continue to provide the UK market with the best cross-section of machinery we can, we have spent some time curating an offering that spans more product groups, offers more value and ultimately choice to our customers.

Our focus has always, and remains to be, solution based. We pride ourselves on the production and success of the end bakery product being manufactured effectively.
As we launch our new website, we also are excited to announce partnerships with manufacturers from across the globe to bring new options to our customers across many equipment categories.

More information and product focuses will follow, but please check out our website brookfood.co.uk for more details about Daub, Merand, Gorreri, and many more manufacturer’s products. We’ve been working on ways to stock products from many brands, allowing UK based trials in our test bakery as well as a comprehensive after-sales service, expertise and back up that comes along with the purchase of equipment from us.

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