Polin XP Deck Oven

The ‘Stratos XP’ is an upgrade on a proven oven that’s become the go to in the industry in recent years, used by 1000’s of bakeries worldwide as the craft baker’s oven of choice and is suitable for both traditional use as well as to suit bakers needing greater control and flexibility of baking.

A stylish, streamline design houses an oven that works as bakers will expect, with independently controlled decks and top and bottom heat distribution, allowing users to manipulate each bake as required, yet a host of other benefits allow for even greater automated control, further adjustment of heat distribution and finer, customised results thus achieving a great baking result, across a variety of products and using both tins and trays and the oven surface.

The XP model provides a high-quality bake facility, with independently operated decks that offer a bakery oven solution that ensures the stable bake of the widest range of end products across bread, pastry and confectionery categories by means of the zonal baking. The triple-zone system allows the oven to automatically balance out air temperature for uniform baking thanks to the dynamic regulation of energy in the mouth, at the centre and at the base of the chamber.

Stone baking soles produce a quality, authentic and consistent bake by drawing the heat and power from the elements across the oven surface to create a strong bake profile and finish. Optional mist steam systems that are economical and achieve abundant steam within each chamber on demand allow for crusted products to be steamed and the characteristics of the bread to benefit from the moisture within the deck during this time.

This oven is easy to use, can be operated manually or with greater flexibility thanks to the user-friendly touch screen control panel offering control over the main functions, all high-level adjustments and 100 storable baking programmes.

The XP deck oven is available in a 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 deck model. With its modular design, users can add additional decks at a later date, allowing for this oven to grow as you grow. Each deck is available with a crown height of 17 or 22cm, with a combination of both for models with 2 decks or more.

Ovens are configured to order and can accommodate optional prover bases and a choice of extraction hoods if required, otherwise as standard supplied on wheeled base. Both integrated and manual loading options allow for setter loading and the range benefits from optional colour finishes that achieve a stylish alternative by means of a satin black, textured blue or matte bronze effect.