14th August 2017
How a Polin Oven found it’s way in to one of the coolest Bakeries in the UK.

Set amongst 66 acres of meadows, woodland and oak-lined streams, Coombeshead Farm is a joint venture by chefs Tom Adams and April Bloomfield. Inspired by years working with farmers, butchers, growers and producers from the surrounding area, Tom and April showcase what can be achieved when farmer, grower and cook work side by side.

By bringing in Ben Glazer, formally of E5 Bakehouse and De Superette (a sister bakery of In De Wulf), Coombeshead are quietly working away producing outstanding bread for the guesthouse and wholesale customers across the South West as well as into London, all from a beautiful, rural Cornish location. And who wouldn’t want to be involved in a project like this?

When Ben contacted us about supplying a deck oven for Coombeshead we were flattered and knew we could offer what he needed to produce the kind of quality bread he was looking to bake. Ben opted for a 12 tray Polin modular Electric Deck oven that sits proudly in the combined Bakery and Kitchen space at Coombeshead. With its stylish Italian design and build the oven compliments the rustic style of the room where guests will be able to get up close and personal with the Chefs and Bakers when the new dining room opens adjacent to the Bakery.

WHAT THE BAKER SAID : It was crucial to choose the right oven for Coombeshead, it was going to be the literal hearth around which the whole space would revolve. I knew the kind of bread I wanted to bake – sourdough loaves, relatively high hydration, using British, stone-ground flour. And I wanted to be able bake hot and dark, loading the bread in a hot oven with plenty of steam for the minimal amount of time to get the full, dark caramelisation that I always strive for.

After extensive research, and frequent conversations with the team at Brook Food, the Polin became the clear choice, we’ve been delighted with the results. The oven generates plenty of steam, producing a glistening, crackling crust. The heat is high, but also somehow quite gentle, avoiding the hot spots that are all too common in bread ovens. It also looks great – standing proudly in the space, a real centre-point to the whole room.

I’ve learned that a good oven is one you don’t have to worry about – that you don’t have to compensate for, or work around; you set it, and it works. The Polin is at temperature when I get to the bakery in the morning, and doesn’t stop until the last loaves come out. No breads get sacrificed because of awkward loading spots, or flooding from too much steam, or uneven colouring on the front to the back - each loaf comes out just like every other. It incredibly consistent.

When we were choosing the oven, the decision gave me plenty of sleepless nights. It’s not a choice you can afford to mess up. I have never regretted the decision to go with the Polin, and I don’t think I will. I’m baking the bread I want to bake, with no need to compromise on ingredients or recipes. The project, and space, is built with the long term goal in mind, and I see myself baking in the oven for many years to come.

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