Chocolate Temperers and Enrobers

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ICB Chocolate tempering machines offer reliable and effective tempering in three different sizes to suit both lower production requirements as well as higher level applications for bakeries and factories of varying sizes.

A 5.5kg table top machine is the most compact model whilst larger floor standing models are available in two capacities of 12kg and 24kg for increased volume requirements. All offer the same benefits and feature touch screen controls and programmable facilities whilst ensuring a constant flow of chocolate at the perfect consistency for manufacturing and finishing many products.

Chocolate melts within the tank and is then cooled by a refrigerated screw mechanism for continual use. An ergonomic pedal dispenses the product into the waiting mould or container where an optional vibration table can be added for required moulds and applications. 

The largest machine, 24kg model can be fitted with an optional enrobing belt to achieve a compact enrobing system.

For larger enrobing requirements the Reach Food Systems Modular chocolate and fondant enrober has been designed for use with chocolate, fondant or compound masses, jams, jellies and many other products, making this machine incredibly versatile.

Built from brushed finish stainless steel and featuring a split polycord conveyor the enrober is available in widths of 300mm to 800mm and with a total length from 1.5 metres to 4 metres, which is mounted with a weir system and air blowing unit. The reservoir is detachable and mobile with a stainless steel stirrer. It has a capacity of 75 litres and is water jacketed to give an even transfer of heat to the product. The mixing speed is adjustable, up to 16 rpm and the stirrer is fitted with a soft start to protect both the motor and gear box. The agitator will not commence rotation until the set temperature has been reached. 

As the reservoir is detachable and mobile, continuous or multi product production can be achieved with a second reservoir being remotely heated while the first one is in use. With the whole system being modular, a second weir and second air blower can be added by expanding the conveyor to 4 metres with an additional reservoir fitted underneath. This is ideal in a situation where two different colour coatings are required. 

The electrical panel on the unit allows variable product temperature in the reservoir, variable conveyor speed and variable speed for the transfer of the product via a rotary pump from reservoir to weir. The weir also has an adjustable gate to vary the product flow. Thus total control of the product coating is achieved. 

The transfer pipes from reservoir to weir are quickly detachable and the whole unit is easy to clean

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