1st July 2014
Polin Tunnel Ovens

Having installed over 1000 tunnel ovens in more than 100 countries Polin offer industrial bakeries a range of travelling belt ovens for bread, pizza, pastry, biscuit, cookie and cracker production and benefit from their experience that extends over 80 years to provide quality and reliability.

The tunnel ovens are available with a belt width from 600mm up to 4m and with belt options to suit a variety of products including solid and perfortaed belts for soft biscuits, stone plates for bread and pizza and wire mesh for hard, sweet biscuits.

Availasble as either cyclothermic, convection, gas or electric the ovens can be specified and built to suit the product and a hybrid option allows for a combination of heating methods for each stage of the baking process.

Polin offer a testing facility at their factory in Verona, Italy where a choice of ovens are available for customer’s to trial their products through.

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8th February 2013
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