8th February 2013
POLIN 4Mix Coming soon !

We are really excited here at Brook about the latest model of Spiral mixer to come from POLIN, we were fortunate enough to see the first grand appearance of this fantastic piece of equipment last year in Munich . Launched at IBA 2012 in Munich the 4MIX demonstrates POLIN’S commitment to product development at the front end of industrial bakery production. The 4MIX offers plant facilities with a new option for continuous mixing which has until now been somewhat limited to a select range of solutions. Aimed at factories looking to produce from 1500-6000 kg of product per hour the 4MIX works on mixing times of around 3-4 minutes dependent on the recipe, and suggested applications include bread, pizza, pastry, tortillas, biscuits and crackers. We are really excited as Britains sole supplier of POLIN equipment to have this as part of our range of stock.

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