17th March 2023

Brook Food have signed an exclusive arrangement with Italian machinery manufacturer Waterjet to supply their innovative cutting technology to the UK, with the machines debuting at the upcoming Foodex exhibition at the NEC, Birmingham in April.

Waterjet technology is a new to the industry technology set to offer an accurate and precise alternative to pastry and confectionery portioning, with accurate and reliable cutting of various products at a price point and implementation level achievable to many facilities.

It’s USP over other cutting solutions is it’s ability to cut shapes of all kinds, as well as straight-lines, so alongside unform squares and rectangular shaped patisserie, it can portion sheets of products with curves and points, allowing for products usually assembled in moulds or tins, or cut with handheld cutters to be cut accurately and allowing product innovation and creativity.

The Chefjet range of Waterjet cutting systems has been developed from the success of using the expertise across other industries and brings the baking industry a solution for cutting cake, pastry, fillings and creams as well as chocolate, toppings and decorations, portioning individual products from full trays or cake determined by a predefined profile.

The waterjet cutting function operates at a speed of 5 meters per minute, therefore cutting an 18 x 30” tray of product into over 60 accurate and clean portions in less than 2 minutes.

Upon loading the carrier into the machine, the user can select a pre-programmed cutting profile from the touch screen control panel.

The machine uses high pressured and filtered water to cut though the product accurately.

The entry level machine, ‘Delicia’ cuts up to a single tray of product and is manually loaded and unloaded, the machine holds the product in it’s carrier during the cutting process. Other machines in the range incorporate carrier-tray loading conveyor systems for faster processing or an In-line full conveyor model for semi-industrial environments with no tray-carrier transfer.

https://youtu.be/ogPCOk21OSYCheck out more here
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