13th March 2023
Foodex 2023

It’s back for 2023, after a 5-year break ! 

The countdown to Foodex, the UK’s leading trade event for the food and drink processing, packaging, and logistics industry, is now on!

Here at Brook we have growing excitement for this event, which takes place on a bi-annual basis, and this year, the Farm Shop and Deli Show is taking place at the same time too, as well as the rest of the food and drink show series, meaning as well as production machinery for larger facilities we also under the same roof are able to show the bakery start up and craft sectors equipment suitable for their scale.   Visitors will be able to find us in two locations and chat with specialists experienced in the relevant area to them.

Our business provides new and used bakery and food processing equipment to all sectors, we are well positioned to supply businesses of all sizes with equipment to suit budget and circumstances. For the exhibition, this year we’ve been listening to the industry regarding relevant concerns and have tailored our offering to suit these area and initiatives focusing on helping customers identify key machinery to aid skill saving, energy saving, labour saving and creative innovation. 

Within our skill saving section is find a range of bakery equipment that helps reduce the need for skilled labour within production, increasing your output and consistency. 
•    The Polin Multidrop Junior Depositor - An incredible piece of Italian engineering, with huge versatility, being able to work with a variety of mixes to create products such biscuits, meringues, macaroons and more. Transition easily between nozzle attachments and hoopers, giving great variety to your production to create bespoke and consistent deposits with efficiency and speed. Anything you’d usually pipe through a bag is simple and quick on this machine with the additional benefit of sheeted and wirecut products too!

•    Bravo Tempering and Enrobing machine can help confectionary production easier and quicker whilst maintaining great results. Providing continuous chocolate tempering and adding creative as well as more standard enrobing options our combined set up ensures less waste and great results. 

•    The Polin Planetary Mixer - A high-performance mixer available in various capacities suitable for a wide range of products. Universal and affordable with some convenient features making this the new workhorse multi-use machine.

Within our energy saving section, you’ll find our focus is combating current electric cost concerns by showcasing wood pellet burners and how they can be used across deck and rack ovens. 

We’ll have various ovens exhibited including modular electric ovens, larger setter loaded ovens, rack, and convection ovens to cover many product disciplines.

Moving onto labour saving, we look to highlight an offering that reduces the need for labour by implementing automation and streamlining workflow.
•    Automatic sheeters will ensure a better workflow within lamination, the Polin sheeter range reduces the repeated staff strain and stress which is commonly seen in manual production and product transfer. Make your pasty production easier and speed up your processes. 

•    Bakers Table pastry line – This takes pre-laminated dough and pastry of all types, using a variety of pre-selected tooling to configure products such as sausage rolls, Danish pastries, pasties and much more. Creating efficiency and consistency in your production, your waste will be reduced, while your throughput increased.  

•    Williams Retarder Provers - We’ll be showcasing the benefits of programmable and controlled fermentation, showing you how skill and time can be saved across production of proved products. With precise temperature and humidity control creating the perfect environment for your dough to ferment. The range supports with saving time in your bakery, allowing you to hit that snooze button in the morning !

Now focusing on innovation, we look at how facilities can develop their current product range. 
•    Ultrasonic Cake Cutter – This machine uses ultrasonic technology to cleanly and precisely cut and portion products across many traybake style categories. 

•    Industrial Twin Arm Mixers – For larger bakeries and food producers to replicate this traditional and unique mixing style, as well as offering a solution to many bespoke products these machines offer large quantity mixing yet achieve a gentle and authentic product. 

•    Rotary Moulder – This machine offers delivery of the product by rotary drum either directly onto a baking tray or, in a high output industrial setting, directly onto the travelling oven belt. Suitable to produce butter cookie dough, shortbread, and many animal-fed products, while maintaining weight accuracy and design detail. 

Offering machinery to support automation in your bakery, it’s time for you to save on skilled labour and energy, with a further consideration to production limitations and costs. We have the largest stock of used machinery in Europe and offer new equipment from the world’s leading manufacturers. 

Be sure to visit us at stand K60, with our Brook team also happy to welcome you at K301 at Farm Shop & Deli. 

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