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    For the enthusiastic home bakery or micro bakery moving on from a domestic oven is a huge step. Sometimes the jump to a commercial deck oven is a bit too much and the Rofco ovens fill the gap of providing a stone baking surface within a compact oven. The ovens which are constructed entirely from stainless steel come in 5 capacities and feature adjustable temperature controls. The larger models feature an additional control to vary the temperature of the stone soles. The ovens run on a single phase electric supply so can be easily integrated into your production whether it be in a domestic kitchen or a small commercial set up. B20 3 stone surface model (sole size 30 x 48 cm), approx. capacity for six 850g loaves per bake and with upper stone surface featuring its own adjustable temperature controls £1469.00 Also available are removeable steam pods to create crusty products that are used within the oven to create steam whilst baking. £59.00 each (one pod required per surface) We can also supply a full range of baking trays to use within the ovens if required.

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