19th August 2022
Looking to upscale your oven in your bakery business?

Why should I consider a Polin Rack Oven?


The Polin Rack oven range itself has been developed from decades of experience in oven manufacturing with an understanding that the heat is as much part of the recipe in the end product as any other ingredient. With rack ovens, the emphasis in delivering this heat effectively, is through the distribution and circulation of air flow within the oven chamber, achieving consistency in the bake across every tray from the bottom to top of every rack.


Providing a better bake


Air is ducted into two separate sets of channels within the oven chamber. Finer adjustment of each channel results in a better, more even bake.



Low heat emission glass doors allow for easy visibility and reduced heat loss during the bake with reflective glass providing a 4% energy saving.


This oven also has high density insulation, maintaining heat, as well as a top and bottom locking door for reducing heat loss. Using a heat recovery system, the oversized heat exchanger, which compensates for door opening, by safely maintaining the chamber temperature.


More consistent results



Settings can be adjusted to allow heat to continue being delivered into the oven whilst the door is open, allowing for the bake to continue at the set temperature for longer, achieving a consistent baking result.


Varied fuel options including wood pellet


In the last couple of years technology has progressed allowing for a new range of pellet tanks and feed systems to be introduced, achieving a smaller footprint for the ‘ancillary’ equipment involved with the overall installation. This provides a more streamline solution in production, with a quicker install and more feasibility.


The ovens, whether rack or deck, operate in the same way as a gas oven would, with the key difference being the fuel burned within the burner. The energy produced is still processed through the heat exchanger and into the oven as it would be if using a gas burner, it is just a feed of wood pellets that comes into the burner instead.


What does that mean? What are the wood pellet advantages?


The use of wood pellets makes this a more sustainable option to those looking at reducing energy costs and environmental impact.




Compact footprint options and various capacities


With single rack, 2 rack and double rack models with front or side burner options, this oven provides great flexibility. These ovens are also available with two simple hook systems, one which lifts the rack and another that turns the rack on its wheels, which is most suitable for racks containing smaller products and of a capacity up to around 150kg. Heavier racks can be accommodated on turntables suitable for larger products with maximum loads up to 400kg.




Prices ranging from £19k.


Greater control to allow greater range of product uses


Building on Polin’s philosophies, which look to add to the baking result through technology, the manufacturer has introduced the ‘Avant’ model which is more than just a facelift. The oven has undergone technological upgrades that include various control options, with two models including invertor installation that allows the oven to operate a variable speed fan motor, therefore delivering less air flow and at a lower rate for delicate products.


The aesthetic of the ‘Avant’ styling upgrade features a streamlined design and incorporates the powerful extraction canopy which can be upgraded to feature a digital display of remaining baking time.


The main advantages the Polin oven encompasses over its rivals in the market, are the revolutionary ducting system within the chamber. Delivering hot air throughout, in the most efficient way, thanks to the openings that are positioned in the most advantageous points to achieve a balanced air flow.


The entire Polin oven range has been designed to deliver an authentic bake that enhances the end product, and the rack oven models look to do this with features that allow flexibility for varying products as well as allowing for high throughput of production.


The ovens achieve chamber air quality at optimum levels and delivers steam effectively as required through the careful control of quantity. Polin Rotary rack ovens have great flexibility to be installed as a single oven or part of a large-scale production facility due to them accommodating symmetrical or rowed positioning.





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