Hydraulic Dividers

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Polin’s hydraulic dough dividers, manufactured within their sister-brand Ram’s factory, offer accurate dividing of doughs for many types of end product. The standalone machines help increase productivity from manual scaling and fit perfectly within factories producing various products in small and medium sized batches.

Available with Semi-Automatic or Automatic controls and available in a choice of weight ranges the machines are of the robust and quality build that you’d expect from an Italian-built product, as well as being competitively priced and feasible.

With a square dividing head producing equally sized and weighted pieces, the machines are available in the standard grey paint finish or optional stainless steel casing.

Double cut models provide increased weight ranges and flexibility allowing for a huge range of products to be easily manipulated on one machine.

Standard machines offer weight ranges of 30-200g, 150-1000g, 120-820g and 90-650g whereas double cut models offer 300-1600g and 150-800g or 150-1050g and 90-520g.

Watch the Polin Hydraulic Divider in action

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