Cake Cutters and Slicers

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The Reach Food Systems cutters and slicers meet various needs within cake production facilities by operating using different technologies allowing for users to get accurate results to suit the product.

Ultrasonic technology allows for difficult and sticky products, chilled, frozen or ambient. This model is the first to offer Ultrasonic technology to producers of full size British 18” x 30” bakers trays, and can cut down the entire length of the product with its 760mm blade.

Powered by intuitive colour touch screen controls that are simple to use for programming of rectangular and square products of any size within the maximum 460 x 760mm tray, with automatic trim calculations.

The cutter will also slice round cakes, gateaux, tarts etc. across the full diameter, again up to a maximum width of 460mm.

For products created within a tray which are less difficult to handle, the In Tray Cutter offers the same cutting dimensions but cuts within the tray. This would be the ideal solution for drier products such as flapjack.

The Reach Horizontal Slicer Operates on a 2.5 metre stainless steel brushed finish belt conveyor, with a choice of two slicing heads and is offered to meet different product needs and designed for both the bread and confectionery industry, this versatile unit will potentially offer solutions for multiple applications within a facility.

The Reach Reciprocating Slicer features a cutting head that holds from one to four blades of which the distance between each blade can be easily adjusted. Speed of the blades and speed of the conveyor are individually controlled and variable which ensures a perfect horizontal cut each time on a wide range of products such as sponge cake, fruit cake as well as bread based items.

An option for users looking to cut slabs of cakes into slices is the Arcall system which features a staggered rotary blade assembly that handles patisserie slices.

With so many options which can be taken as standard or modified to suit specific requirements it is always worth calling us to discuss the best type of slicer for the product.

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