With the next electricity price cap rise predicted this October – it’s time to think about another option…WOOD PELLET FUELLED OVENS OFFER AN EVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY and ECONOMICAL ALTERNATIVE

Both Polin Rack ovens and Steam Tube Deck ovens are available with a wood pellet burner. So get ahead of the game and slash your electricity bill by replacing your electric ovens or alternatively talk to the team about using wood pellet for your new installation. Baker’s looking to find a solution to the current electricity crisis that seems to only be getting worse, could consider whether a wood pellet fuelled oven may be an alternative to consider.With grants available in many of the UK’s local authorities and private organisations as well as part exchange options on any existing electric equipment being replaced, now is a good time to explore this technology.

Polin Rack ovens that offer an authentic bake that enhances the end product, have been developed from decades of experience in oven manufacture with an understanding that the heat is as much part of the recipe in the end product as any other ingredient. With rack ovens, the emphasis in delivering this heat effectively is through the distribution and circulation of air flow within the oven chamber achieving consistency in the bake across every tray from the bottom to top of every rack.

This is done by delivering:

  • DOUBLE AIR FLOW which equals a better bake as Air is ducted into two separate sets of channels within the oven
  • ENERGY SAVINGS by means of reflective glass that saves 4% energy, High density insulation and Top and bottom locking door for heat retention
  • HEAT RECOVERY for CONSISTENCY - Settings can be adjusted to allow heat to continue being delivered into the oven whilst the door is open to achieve quicker recovery when they door is closed after opening, allowing for the bake to continue at the set temperature for longer achieving consistent baking result.

With Steam Tube deck ovens, The Polin ‘TV’ oven range has been manufactured for decades and offers the most prestigious bake available for bread products with the use of ‘steam tubes’ to distribute heat throughout the oven and around each deck.
The Polin steam tube ovens are at the forefront in the market in terms of quality of heat transfer, built under the philosophy of heat being an ‘ingredient’ within the product and recipe, the  tubes themselves are built to retain a 30% larger surface area within the heat exchanger than similar ovens on the market, this means a better heat transfer to the decks and a much higher level of baking result.  The diameter of the steam tubes are 27mm compared to 20-21mm amongst other ovens to give even further increases in power to the decks because Polin believe that the distribution of heat is an opportunity to enhance or indeed fail the end product, that increasing this will ensure the qualities of the bread are maintained rather than spoilt at this vital stage in the whole process.

Both types of oven are available with a wood pellet burner option which uses readily available pellets that are burnt as any other fuel would be inside the burner before transferring this energy to the heat exchanger within the oven, the technology provides a valid alternative, with other environmental and economic advantages to the baking industry.

To arrange a site visit to discuss how these ovens can benefit your baking as well as your bills please get in touch with our sales team.