We are donating money to our local NHS charity for every Rofco order we receive…

The last month or so has been like no other period in our history in terms of disruption and unknown. We have been operating with a skeleton staff, answering enquiries and delivering equipment – but at the same time, seeing the county struggle through the pandemic and all that this entails. From families being separated, children being homeschooled and all of society trying to get used to this new normality – and it’s scary.  Throughout we’ve been amazed by the strength and courage of our industry. We’ve said it before however never has it felt so true, that the baking family in the UK is like nothing else, we feel amazingly proud to know, and work with so many, of these amazing people and companies.
Across the UK, bakers are adapting in ways they would never have envisaged having to, even a couple of months ago, with staff shortages, social distancing measures to adhere to in shops and many other uncertainties – we say a huge well done to them all.
At the community level, many are beginning to bake bread to serve demand that’s growing across village shops, micro bakeries and other outlets and the increased enquiries we’ve seen for equipment to achieve this has been unexpected.  The Rofco oven range suits these producers like nothing else, with the ability to bake authentic breads in a larger than domestic scale, they are ideal and bakers are ordering them at high levels to help keep up with a new demand for even more local, authentic and available bread.

We wanted to show our appreciation for the orders of Rofco ovens we are taking but also to those bakers for bravely baking for their communities and the public, therefore for every Rofco ordered since ‘lockdown’ began we are donating £50 to our local NHS charity, Love Musgrove. 

Whilst our region has been effected less than more populated places in the UK the hard work of our key workers, and especially those in the hospitals is appreciated by us all, we want to give back and support these nurses and organisations in any way that we can, and feel this may help in just a very small way.

Since lockdown began, we have taken 30 orders for Rofco ovens, so our initial opening donation sits at £1,500, we will continue to count up orders and make a donation in the next few months, which we hope will help in some way.