This year’s Baking Industry Awards were definitely different this year compared to previous years, but what a journey it has been judging for the top accolade of Baker of the Year.
Our usual site visits were replaced with virtual interviews, bakery tours and fresh samples being delivered from across the country.  It’s been a challenge but completely worth it to see the talent put in front of us, since 2014 when we began our sponsorship of this award we have been blown away by the talent of our UK bakers and their dedication to their own progression within our wonderful industry.

From many entries we interviewed nearly 20 bakers, sampling their products and questioning them against the strict criteria, this year our ‘shortlist’ was really strong, and it’s important to mention these entrants in particular, who all made things very difficult for us this year;


These bakers were the cause of lots of long discussions and really deserve a mention this year for their strength of entry.  But we got down to a final three, and the finalists stood out from the crowd with their imagination, passion and of course their end products. Steven Winter of Bread Source, Dan Nemeth of Seasons Bakery & John Lognonné of Davidson of Darras Hall, all brought something amazing to the table.

The Baker of the Year category is like no other, it recognises the individual rather than the business. It’s about the person. The baker behind the brand; the baker behind the great products. It’s about finding the best baker the U.K. has to offer, and we found him.

Congratulations to Steven Winter, Baker of the Year 2020.

Ann Wells had the following to say on behalf of the judging team –

“Steven has shown a wow factor across the award criteria this year that stands out against the competition. It’s difficult to know where to begin, because each element of his entry and success is positive and progressive.

Steven’s skills and attention to detail and quality shine through across not just great products but every aspect of the baking procedure. The products themselves are fantastic, the range of lines and quality in ingredients, production and presentation is remarkable.  Steven has adapted his business in a considered and steady manner, progressing forwards whilst maintaining standards and sustainability. He is hands on baking daily whilst also developing his team which evidently gain from his experience and skills to deliver an all-round great result.

The growth in Steven’s personal success, and future baking ambitions are an absolute pleasure to witness."

The Baker of the Year category is about the individual, despite scrutinising within the bakery environment, the award recognises the skills, dedication and achievements of the baker.

Winning this award means Steven showed his sparkle; his great abilities to understand his products, his customers and exhibit the wow factor in whatever form that may take.

There is no other category across UK bakery award ceremonies that looks for the best of the best.

We are honoured to announce Steven Winter as Baker of the Year 2020.