Polin Elletrodrago Avant oven – The choice for the highest quality electric baking

The Polin Elletrodrago oven range has been manufactured for a number decades, it offers the highest quality of stone sole baking surface powered by electric.  The most recent ‘Avant’ model developments offer more than just a facelift.  The oven has undergone technological upgrades that include a 3 zone baking control system in each deck, new 5” colour touch screen controls and baking system diagnostics and inergration.

The oven is the most advance in the built-in electric oven range that Polin offer and is available 3, 4 and 5 deck models offering baking capacities up to 32²m.

Ceramic set elements ensure the highest quality of baking due to the gentle heat transfer and distribution, these elements are built to be controlled within a 3 zone system allowing for the flexible delivery of heat.  In addition the front of each deck features separate probe for accurate readings and adjustments during use and door opening.

A maximum temperature of 350°C and effective armoured concrete oven decks achieves a mellow and authentic bake.  Controlled with 5” colour touch screen panels, each decks runs independently and features the ability to be operated manually or using 100 baking programmes each with 10 phases. 

An automatic daily and weekly start up facility and individual steam generators for each deck allow the bakers the most flexible usage features to help with production planning and a QR code system allows for straightforward diagnostics for any faults.  Low heat emission glass doors allow for easy visibility and reduced heat loss as well as aiding the aesthetic of the ‘Avant’ styling upgrade that features a streamlined design and incorporates the powerful extraction canopy.

Bakers looking for a high capacity built in oven offering a strong bake choose this oven for it’s quality results, and often choose to add on an integrated loading system for fast loading and unloading, the loader which is elevated high above the oven decks when not in use is moved on a track up and down the oven decks and across each deck and opens the oven doors to load the product when used.