Industry beating features on The Polin Rack oven take this oven to the top of it’s game

The Polin Rack oven range has been developed from decades of experience in oven manufacture with an understanding that the heat is as much part of the recipe in the end product as any other ingredient, with rack ovens the emphasis in delivering this heat effectively is through the distribution and circulation of air flow within the oven chamber achieving consistency in the bake across every tray from the bottom to top of every rack.

What makes the Polin oven better;

Air is ducted into two separate sets of channels within the oven chamber
Finer adjustment of the each channel
Results in a better more even bake

Use of reflective glass saves 4% energy

High density insulation maintaining heat
Top and bottom locking door for reducing heat loss


Settings can be adjusted to allow heat to continue being delivered into the oven whilst the door is open to achieve quicker recovery when they door is closed after opening, allowing for the bake to continue at the set temperature for longer achieving consistent baking result.


Some more benefits

Revolutionary ducting system that delivers hot air to achieve a balanced air flow.

Designed to deliver an authentic bake that enhances the end product
Some models allow the oven to operate a variable speed fan motor therefore delivering less air flow and at a lower rate for delicate products. 

Ovens are available with two simple hook systems, one which lifts the rack and another that turns the rack on its wheels, most suitable for racks containing smaller products and of a capacity up to around 150 kg. 
Heavier racks can be accommodated on turntables which suit larger products and maximum of loads up to 400 kg.
Low heat emission glass doors allow for easy visibility and reduced heat loss during the bake

Options for frontal or side burner and fuel options from electric, gas, oil and wood pellet.