Brook Food work with Urban Legend to set-up their concept Bakery

Last month, Urban Legend, a bakery offering low fat, low sugar doughnuts opened in Brighton and we are delighted to have supplied them with some of the equipment for their concept Bakery.

Urban Legend uses natural ingredients including roots, pears, leaves and melon as alternatives to sugar and steam bakes its doughnuts to cut the fat. This method means the doughnut tastes better than market leaders and delivers this with a dramatic cut to fat & sugar. CEO, Anthony Fletchers acknowledges that “eating fruit and vegetables is key for a healthy diet, but that does not mean we don’t want a treat from time to time. It is the ultimate treat food, never high in fat, sugar or calories.”

Andrew Dougal (Ops) came to us for equipment advice:

“Brook Food Processing Equipment came highly recommended by a number of bakery industry insiders and this was confirmed by the quality of advice, service, support and professionalism of the team. Steve  helped us recommend good quality 2nd hand equipment to get aspects of our first operational site running.”

Working with a new business venture is always exciting and we feel honoured to be part of Urban Legend’s journey. We look forward to seeing the brand grow and of course eating their delicious doughnuts!


Have a look yourself-