Brook Food & Bakery Equipment support demand for Hobbs House Bakery School with Rofco Oven

Last month, we attended the Hobbs House Bakery School to see first-hand how the Rofco oven hired from us, is helping support their fantastic bakery courses.

The Family- run bakery opened in 1920 and continues to supply delicious bread, cakes & pastries.  The bakery pride itself in their not-so- secret 66 year old Sourdough starter that they have been nourishing with flour and water every day for all these years. So we were delighted to have the pleasure of baking with this on their sourdough bread making course.

The bakery school has a number of baking experts, and we had the pleasure of being taught by Jane Grafton. We began our day with freshly baked pastries, which gave us the fuel we needed for a full day of baking.

Jane was a wonderful teacher, making us feel at ease from the moment we arrived.  To begin with, Jane took us through the ingredients so we got an understanding of the elements needs to make our sourdough. She then demonstrated how to bring these together, where we then got the opportunity to knead and shape the bread ourselves.

Chloe Sully, Brand Manager said: “Admittedly, I was a bit of a novice when it came to making bread. But I can really see how you can get lost in the kneading of the bread. It was a really enjoyable experience and great to know the oven is helping support the course.”

Being able to see how the Rofco oven is helping to support the Hobbs House bakery courses bake at a larger capacity was a great experience. We had the pleasure of making 12 sourdough loaves, baguettes and sweet and savoury tarts, which we got to enjoy for lunch and of course share with the team back at the office.  

This course is a great step into learning more about baking, but also showing how this oven can help you make that step-up from domestic oven to bake at a larger capacity.

If you want to find out more how our range of ovens could support your bakery school, do get in touch with our team or have a browse on our site.