Retarder Provers

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Retarder Provers have revolutionised the industry and continue to offer production advantages and time savings. Here at Brook we offer both Reach-in models to take trays, and Roll-in models to take racks. 

Manufactured in the UK

Reach In models come Williams are manufactured in the UK. The units have their own specific advantages to producers, by means of the sizes and configurations the units are available in.

Fine controls

Offering a wide temperature range of around -5 to +3 and +38 to +40 deg C. The reach-in retarder provers allow bakers extreme versatility in terms of production planning. Completely flexible programming allows the holding retard and proving cycles to be set in accordance to other production and staff restrictions.

Available as single or two door models the units can be set to take either 18 x 30” or 400 x 600 mm trays.

Roll-in models are offered in the form of Italian built Polin modular rooms. The units are available in a huge range of sizes and layouts to suit different production sites and needs.

These units can aid production and allow work to be completed within daylight hours to potentially eradicate night work.

Choices include interior and exterior finishes, touch screen or manual control as well as intuitive cycle programming, this ensures a unit is available to suit the product as well as the budget. A 38mm floor combines a durable construction and reinforced non slip coating that eradicates water laying stagnant and keeps it running dry and smooth.  It’s always best to talk through your production requirements with us to ensure the system quoted best suits your needs.

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