Blast Chilling and Freezing

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Blast chilling and freezing solutions are available in the form of both Reach-in models for trays as well as Roll-in models for racks or trolleys. We provide both from Williams, who are UK based manufacturers, as well as Italian manufacturer Polin.

The units are designed to suit facilities of all sizes. For those looking for smaller counter top reach in models for small capacities from around 10kg right up to modular models holding up to 780kg.

Williams’ Blast Chillers and Blast Freezers feature the new and advanced ‘AirSmart’ airflow design, which has been developed to ensure even product chilling or freezing as well as to eliminate product dehydration and ensures food is maintained in the best possible condition.

The units all feature an intuitive control panel which operates a choice of cycles, including soft chilling, which ensures that delicate products can be cooled without damage, while denser products are chilled safely using the more powerful ‘hard’ option. Once a cycle has been completed, all models then switch to storage mode. This holds the product at the right temperature until the operator is ready to transfer it.

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All models rapidly reduce the temperature of hot foods from +90°C down to +3°C in 90 minutes (blast chill) or down to -18°C in 240 minutes (blast freeze).

Polin’s models deliver effective and safe Blast chilling and freezing and are designed to preserve products at their optimum and prevent dehydration, loss of flavour, colour and weight.  With a focus on hygiene and reducing the possibility of bacteria occurring, the units are ideal for pastry and cake units and for facilities producing choux and cooked cream end products. The Polin units offer consistent and assured results by reducing the temperature at a fast rate avoiding products being kept at the most dangerous temperatures for bacteria to be present.

Easy to use controls in the form of a digital keyboard operate a range of programs and quick shortcuts for the most common options ensures fast throughput and use.

The hard quick chill option is ideal for high fat content goods as well as vacuum packed products, the soft chill option for cream based products.

All blast chilling and freezing models can reduce the amount of night work in some facilities as well as being irreplaceable in the patisserie sector where food safety is paramount.

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