Craft Twin Arm Mixers

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Polin offer artisan bakers an alternative mixing technique to popular spiral mixers, a traditional twin arm action in their range of Fixed and Removable bowl Craft Bakery Twin Arm Mixers. The mixers offer a more gentle mixing action that emulates a hand mixing style using two stainless steel arms.

With a 2 speed bowl and 2 speed arms a very authentic method of mixing achieves a consistent and thorough mix whilst keeping intact the quality and care.

Mixers are available from 50Kg so suitable for smaller craft bakeries looking to create traditional products in relatively small batches. Fixed bowl models are available in 4 capacities and the Removable bowl model comes in 2 larger capacities up to 150kg (Larger models are available in the Industrial range).

Mixers are supplied in a standard painted finish that can be upgraded to stainless steel if required. Although a slightly larger investment compared to spiral mixers of the same capacity, twin arm mixers are loved by many for their unique style that can be used for many bread doughs, pastry and more.

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