Volumetric Dividers

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We offer two types of divider for those looking to increase production beyond hand scaling or using a hydraulic divider or applications where automated dough dividing is required to be combined with other plant equipment.

The Polin volumetric divider uses a block and knife mechanism to divide dough pieces ready for further production.  Available in two models, one with a single weight range of 200-1300 grams, the other with a dual weight range of 100–600 grams and 300–1200 grams. The machines can offer automation to various sized facilities and requirements. A standard hopper with a 60kg capacity fits most needs and an upgraded 200kg hopper can be specified for larger facilities. Capable of producing 1200 pieces per hour as standard (2400 using the two available lanes within the 100-600gram weight range) the machine offers accuracy and efficiency. Fully adjustable outfeed belt allows for integration with other machinery whilst options for weight control are chosen between manual handwheel, digital keyboard or computerised controls.

Turri dividers offer dough scaling using the popular rotary piston system which is virtually oil free as well as being reliably accurate.  The machines are available in a large choice of weight ranges allowing for those producing a variety of products, the flexibility to use the one machine.  An output of 2700 pieces per hour on the standard machines increasing to 5400 pieces on the dual piston models, provides a highly efficient production level. A choice of hopper sizes from 50kg right through to 315kg allows greater flexibility for those looking to implement the machine to existing processes or combining with existing machinery.

Options include a built in rounding device available on selected machines to further aid dough production.

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