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The 2 pocket model, the K2 head unit has been designed to produce a varied and wide range of products on just the one machine to handle a variety of doughs from common standard bread roll doughs through to high hydration type doughs and stiff pretzel type doughs.

These simple to use machines can easily be handled by one operator and can produce up to 3200 pieces per hour. Holding up to 15kg dough is fed easily into the hopper, delicately drawn into the machine without causing undue pressure and creases and dough pieces are cut and rounded in the same chamber, the product is therefore handled carefully and minimally without causing stress.

The K2 model is available with basic controls and adjustment by means of traditional hand wheel or with an optional touch screen panel with recipe control.

Unlike other manufacturers, with the Trima range of machines, there is a double piston option for when bigger weight ranges are required without the need to carry out drum or block changes.

To accompany the 2 pocket K2 head unit Trima offer finger roll moulders, pinning units, panners and intermediate provers. Larger 4, 5 and 6 pocket head machines and accompanying machines are also available.

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