Pneumatic Depositors

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Our own manufacturing division Reach Foods Systems offer a comprehensive pneumatic Depositor range that has been designed and manufactured to suit the needs of the Bakery, Confectionery and Food Service Industries as well as having applications in the Pharmaceutical and other sectors. The machines achieve accuracy and consistency which ensures a reliable performance that will aid streamlined production set ups.

Each model can deposit numerous products such as cake batter, muffin batter, sponge batter, fruited batter, fruit fillings with particulates, jams & marmalades, custards, chocolate compounds, fondants, pastry doughs, bread doughs, cream fillings, meat fillings, sauces, liquids, pastes and many other items.

The standard single head models are available with a choice of hopper capacity, varying deposit speeds, four different cylinder sizes and a wide range of outlets. Production requirements for all levels of business can be met.

Depositors come in various configurations, the most popular being the Rise and Fall model with consists of the depositing head and hopper units being mounted on a pneumatically operated mast which takes the depositor to a low level for filling and then elevates the depositor to a convenient working height. The mast is manufactured from stainless steel and is mobile so that the unit can be easily manoeuvred into position and can be used as a stand-alone unit or positioned alongside an indexing line. Like all the single head models, fixed outlets or the handgun delivery are options.

For the production unit, where space is tight, the depositors can be offered as Table-top units and a low level option allows for increased versatility in settings where a unit is required to the side of an indexed line.

For high volume industrial applications, an industrial head machine is offers heavy duty application. Mounted on a robust stainless steel frame that mounts over an index conveyor, the unit features a 250 litre hopper which can be filled by tipping mixer, bowl tipper or transfer pump. The hopper feeds a variable number of depositing heads dependant on conveyor width and deposit weights. The number of depositing heads in operation at any one time is operator controlled and distance between heads is easily adjusted giving the unit flexibility and versatility to provide a depositing solution for various products.

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Reach depositors offer a quality build and a reliable solution to many applications across the food processing spectrum. They are consistent and accurate which is crucial.

Brian Ballinger
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