Melting Tanks

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To suit various applications within the confectionery industry, Reach Food Systems Melting tanks and kettles are versatile and can be used at various stages through the production process.

For initial or smaller requirements, the Static Melting Tank range is designed to melt a variety of products such as chocolate compounds, fondants, jams, jellies or syrups or to heat liquids prior to production. 

Each tank is constructed of stainless steel with an attractive brushed finish, has a stainless steel removable lid and an integral water jacket heated by electric elements. The temperature of the unit is variable and features thermal overload to prevent overheating. 

Available in three configurations; a single 75lt, a twin 75lt and a single 150lt, the units are mobile, easy to clean and flexible. 

For increased capacity and more industrial applications, the larger stirred Melting Kettle comes in four sizes, ranging from a 75lt to 400lt. Designed to heat chocolate compounds, fondants, jams, marmalades, grease or any other liquids to a given temperature and keep the product agitated to ensure uniformity and consistency.

Again constructed of Stainless Steel with an attractive brushed finish, the unit is mounted on a low level support frame for easy positioning. The agitator is also stainless steel and is available with FDA approved food grade plastic scrapers fitted to prevent product residue on the melting chamber surface. 

The robust unit features a hinged cover and the stirring device operates via a shaft through a central column ensuring a clean process. Fitted with a soft start to provide smooth product blending the stirring device will not rotate until the product temperature has reached its set point. Rotation speed is set at 16RPM to maintain product quality and a variable speed motor is available as an option.

The 100lt unit has the same safety features and design systems but is duo walled and only available as a water filled unit.

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