Jelly Sprayers

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The ICB range of Jelly Sprayers offers machines to suit various processes and levels of production and begin with the countertop JelTop.

This is the smallest and most compact spraying machine. With manual controls, the unit is manufactured with a stainless steel structure and a heated hose ensures fluidity at all times. The Jeltop is the perfect entry level system.

To aid usability for increased production requirement, the MiniSpray models offer the same table top compact dimension with digital controls for greater control and an optional 2.5lt storage tank.

Moving on to larger professional systems, the options include both manual and digitally controlled models and the choice of;

  • 1 hot hose: The machine for jelly with 1 hot hose allows the operator to dispense one type of gelatine at a time.
  • 2 hot hoses: The machine for jelly with two hot hoses allows two operators to spray jelly simultaneously, dispensing two different types of jelly.
  • 1 hot and 1 cold hose: An operator can dispense jelly using the gun with the hot hose while a second operator can also use the unheated gun for the oil baths.

The ICB Tecnologie dispensers allow you to spray the jelly precisely, combining improved accuracy with a better appearance and durability of the product. Unlike the traditional use of the brush to apply the jelly, this method complies with the strictest hygienic regulations.