Glazers and Injectors

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The Reach Food Systems mobile and flexible injection and glazing units offer users a versatile machine for finishing products.

For injecting jams or jellies, the Injectagel system is designed to manage products up to 98 degrees celsius and can be used to fill a range of bakery, patisserie and savoury products and is also suitable for fruit purées, jams, custards, some cream products, savoury purees, hot cross bun topping, brine, sauces or any other free flowing liquid into jars or formers and many other applications.  Available with a choice of diameter needles and canister sizes to suit your needs.  

The Mastercote system has been designed for spraying liquefied products at temperatures up to 98 degrees celsius onto a range of bakery, patisserie and savoury items. It is ideal for the application of products such as glazes and egg wash onto tarts, flans, cakes, pastries and many other Items. It can also be used for spraying oils and emulsions onto bread or sponge tins. 

The system is fitted with a spray gun with a wide range of nozzles available for fan, cone and circular spray effects depending on the application. Choice of nozzle and control of pressure ensures spray is confined to the work area, virtually eliminating mess and waste. 

The systems works in connection with oil free air compressors with a maximum pressure of 40 psi, these can be purchased alongside the unit if required.

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Mastercote System Datasheet

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