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Here at Brook Food we are very excited to announce the launch of the Polin Stratos XP oven!

Italian style just went up a notch! Polin have turned up the style stakes with the new ‘XP’ oven that has a host of updated baking benefits plus serious style goals and we are thrilled to be launching it to the UK bakery market.

Drawing on almost a century of oven building experience, unbeatable bake quality and strong Italian good looks, the Modular electric deck oven range ‘Stratos’ has grown, the new model has some seriously impressive spec!

The Stratos XP oven is one of a kind with optional colour finishes including a unique satin black, matte bronze and textured blue, thus meaning the lucky new owner of one of these can personalise their oven to fit in with their retail space and/or branding.


With brand new modern and easy to use 5” full colour touch screen controls with added ‘fixed keys’ for quick traditional use of certain functions the bake profile can be adapted and controlled like never before. With 3 zone baking decks that allow for more flexible deck heat distribution users can expect great results across many product lines.


The XP oven achieves the widest temperature range on the market (up to 450°C), allowing for hugely versatile product capabilities that include delicate pastry lines, a wide range of breads and up to higher temperatures for pizza and focaccia etc. With a stylish and robust framed ‘crystal’ style glass doors feature increased  insulation allowing for little heat loss, more frequent loading as required and a viewing window for in-bake checks. These stylish features in the oven range add to the sleek and streamline stainless steel design and construction


Another new addition, the choice to use an optional single baking temperature setting allowing top and bottom heat distribution to adjust automatically to a single temperature as needed.

Any faults can be monitored and tracked using the unique QR code diagnostic system.

Production and energy consumption is aided with the new shutdown facility, when the deck is empty this oven has a unique power saving system, conserving energy as well as reducing the risk of burning the first bake after an empty deck. Temperature probes sense an empty deck and shut off elements automatically without compromising heat up time when the deck is reloaded. Together with an auto start up and auto steam exhaust, the oven features all the benefits of the existing oven range plus much more.

Possibly the most exciting addition for the XP is the optional integrated full width loading system, complete with its setter allowing for quick loading and unloading, more efficient production, and much more pleasure in use.

The loading system, which can also be specified in the colour choices as well as the sleek stainless steel standard finish, is an option to upgrade from the manual setter options for either single tray or full width loading of products.

Prover bases on models up to 3 decks, self-condensing or extraction hoods with fans and quirky pull-out ‘scoring’ drawers all provide options for artisan bakers to explore to aid baking across bread, pastry and cake product ranges.


A choice of 17cm and 22cm door openings allowing for more flexibility when choosing decks most suitable for different products or heights, and a slightly larger baking surface thank three 18x30” inside each deck allows for more space between products, with no compromise on the overall footprint of the oven.  In fact, with the further streamlined design, the oven is 100mm narrower than its predecessor, helpful squeezing in the oven when siting in the bakery.

Capacity of 3 x 18 30” trays per deck
External dimensions of each deck
1810mm wide 1110mm deep
300mm high (17cm crown) or 350mm high (22cm crown)
Overall oven height determined by quantity of decks, hood and stand options chosen.
Internal baking area
1420mm x 820mm
Installation requirements
9.9kw per deck, 3 ph N+E,
¾” water supply for optional steam system

Polin Stratos XP Modular Deck Oven

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