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INTRODUCING THE NERO 400 OVEN - An oven for home and micro bakers

Whether you are an enthusiastic home baker or running your own micro bakery, moving on from a domestic oven is a huge step. Sometimes the jump to a commercial deck oven is too much, too soon.

Our Nero 400 artisanal ovens can bridge this gap by, providing a stone baking surface within a very compact oven.

About the Nero

New to the UK market after seeking huge success in the US with 100s of ovens sold, we can now also offer this electric stone bread oven suitable for home, micro and small commercial bakeries, that is built using robust stainless steel, stone baking surfaces and independent easy to use controls. 

The ovens also run on a single phase electric supply so can be easily integrated into your production, whether in a domestic kitchen or a small commercial set up. 


Available for immediate delivery


£2995 + VAT

Standard UK delivery £130.00

Stand with tray storage £525.00




  • 3 baking levels with an approx. product capacity of 12kg and typical 40 min bake time
  • Up to temperature in less than 30 mins and great at retaining heat with dense premium insulation
  • Each baking level is independently controlled by a thermostat, illuminated and has a viewing window
  • Temp range 50-270°C (dependent on ambient temperature, in some instances maximum temperatures of 325°C possible)
  • Built in steam exhaust
  • Robust locking door handle 
  • Robust external hinge assembly to accommodate repetitive door opening/closing
  • Heavy duty door seal for longevity and to retain heat
  • Heavy duty rubber feet to protect surfaces
  • CE stamped
  • Optional accessories available include: Steam Trays, Baking Trays, Silicone Mats  & Storage Stand.

FREE TRIAL in our Test Bakery

We have our very own test bakery, so why not come along and bake with us and test the oven. 


It's always great when you get your customers sharing positive reviews about our products.

Deer Park Bread

 ‘’We love our NERO 400 oven. It has increased our production tenfold and has helped to propel this micro bakery to the next level.

With the four independent temperature controls, the NERO 400 allows us a very close precise baking environment with very little temperature relay between loads.

Considering the limited space available it was the best and most efficient fit for our micro-bakery."

Simply Bread for You

"I like the Nero, it does a good job. I’ve been able to fit up to four 925g loaves on a deck in a  pinch, though I like the results better with three at a time, which is more what its designed for ( better browning on loaves). I’m currently baking about 250 total loaves (boules and baguettes) every week with no issues and about to add another bake day.”