Convection ovens

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Convection ovens are suitable for many applications and products. For retail premises baking off bread products, baking pastries and cakes as well as production facilities with a convection style of baking requirement.

We offer a choice of models to suit various needs and offer difference sizes to suit space requirements and differing products, from models taking just a few smaller trays to full height models taking a full roll-in trolley.

For retail shops looking for a small oven to bake off products and heat pastries and pies etc. we offer the Smeg professional range which are lighter duty for shop use and competitively priced.  For small bakeries and cake manufacturers the Italian built Bake Off Italia ovens take varying sized bakery trays and suit both bread and cake sectors.  Bake Off Italia ovens are heavier duty and are perfect for both factories and bakeries with a convection requirement to work continuously with reliable effective bake qualities. 

The result of 30 years of research and development Bake Off Italia ovens are available in both electric and gas and are equipped with convection and steam mode for bakery and pastry. They offer versatiity for a range of products ranging from fresh, frozen or pre-cooked with impressive results in terms of cooking and speed, mixing both quality and flexibility with a great savings in energy consumption.

They are compact, offer a high-tech performance and  can be combined with provers or racked stands. Available in 5 and 10  tray models the Mistral range can take tray sizes 400mm x 600mm and 18" x 30", with glass doors and touch screen controls they are a stylish adddition to the bakery.  The Mistral range also come with a variety of optional extras including condensing hoods and washing systems. 

We’d recommend you discuss your products and needs with us in order to find the most suitable oven.

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