Modular Electric Deck Ovens to take 40cm x 60cm Trays

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For every baker the key piece of equipment in their bakery is the oven and for small and medium sized bakeries Polin offer a Modular Electric Deck Oven that draws on their 85 years of oven manufacturing to offer a quality bake.

Stone baking soles produce a quality, authentic and consistent bake that is second to none and favoured by many users. Like other similar ovens the Polin offers independently controlled decks along with top and bottom heating elements that offers versatility and flexibility allowing for precise results.

The ovens are available in various deck configurations to take either 400 x 600mm or traditional British 18 x 30” trays and with a modular construction each oven can be easily built inside the bakery if access is an issue and also added to over time as production needs increase.

Each deck is available in either an 18 or 22 cm crown height and ovens can be specified to combine a mixture of the two sizes.  The glass doors, not only stylish and perfect for creating theatre in open plan concept style bakeries where the oven is front of house, also offer perfect viewing of baking in progress without heat loss.

The ovens heat up in under 30 minutes and the strong, abundant and powerful elements teamed with a choice of the standard stone or optional metal baking surfaces create a consistent bake across many ranges of product from bread, pastry and confectionery to pizza and cake.

Our retro fitted mist steam system achieves a constent abundence of steam directly into the baking chamber as and when required and also benefits from very little power consumption and very low running costs.

Here at Brook Food we have been pleased to offer the Modular Deck Ovens to the UK market for the past 12 years, we have installed many ovens from single decks in micro-bakeries to 15 tray models within larger businesses.  We are very proud to be able to offer those investing for the first time in an oven or looking to replace existing ovens with a piece of quality Italian manufacturing allowing for such a high standard of baking as well as representing good value.

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