Oven Loaders and Setters

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For companies purchasing Polin deck ovens, with the unfortunate exception of smaller modular electrical styles, there is the option to use setters along with loading systems to aid their production in the bakery facility.

Options start with the simple manual setter which is the first step up from using trays, or if baking directly on the surface of the oven, using a peel. These are available to use singly or can be supplied in quantity along with storage racks.

The next option would be an automatic setter which can be used alongside a scissor style lifting device or an integrated loading device built in to the fascia of the oven. The scissor style would require a proportion of manual intervention to position for use whereas the integrated loader moves effortlessly across and between each deck, with its dormant position being sensibly, high above the top deck. This loading device can also be used with specifically designed unloading setters and mini setters.

Artisan bakeries find using setters and loaders can dramatically increase productivity and save time between bakes and with the added advantage of reducing manual handling of dough, causing unnecessary stress on the final product.

For larger industrials bakeries looking to completely automate production whilst still using deck ovens, continuous oven loading systems are available. Setter racks are delivered to loading stations and automatically transported to the deck which could be located on one of up to five ovens. Unloading is either performed automatically where product is transported by conveyor to cooling or, likewise with loading, can be performed by a semi-automatic process.

Systems are designed on a bespoke basis to suit the customers’ needs and can be adapted wherever necessary to fit with current production equipment and restrictions. They can also be supplied to suit ovens from other manufacturers.

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