Waldron’s Patisserie

Waldron’s Patisserie are based in beautiful mid-Devon, a family operated food business manufacturing cakes for foodservice, retail and wholesale customers. Operating since 1985, they supply to customers all over the UK and as far as Spain.

We began working with Waldron’s many years ago, helping them with their machinery and production requirements and it's been a pleasure to watch the family-ran business grow over the years. 

We have always recognised Waldron's as being at the forefront of the foodservice wholesale market and with consistent determination and creativity, they achieve a product range to rival some of the larger multiple site manufacturers, including the more recent expansion and development of their gluten free and vegan range. 

Waldron’s are continually evolving and have recently reviewed their mixing capacities, and subsequently upgraded to a larger Polin mixer after using Hobart for many years. With previous experience with a Polin mixer, they have now introduced a larger capacity 160 litre model into their production. ‘This Mixer suits our production needs very well and has already helped us increase our capacity by 50%, and is very efficient for the guys in the bakery.’

‘We find that it performs very well, it’s a great workhorse and it never lets us down,’ Robert shared with us. With such a positive experience with Polin mixers, the team are hopeful to replace all their current Hobart mixers with the Polin range in future. 

We very much look forward to working with Waldon’s in future as they continue to expand and grow.