Manual Pastry Rollers

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Pastry Rollers offer producers the ability to produce consistent products easily and without repeated staff strain and stress common with manual production. Even very small set-ups benefit from using a sheeter for various pastries, doughs, sugar pastes etc. due to the ease of use and considerable labour relief.

We supply Polin pastry rollers which are manufactured in Italy to a very high standard suitable for continuous use whilst maintaining a competitive price point.  Various models are available to suit different sized businesses and their requirements.

For those looking for an introductory pastry sheeter motorised with belts, we offer models Polin . The Basic Polin Q50B offers strong build, reliable function and most crucially with this great value for money.

Sheeters are available in widths of 500, 600 and 650 mm with fully adjustable roll gap, sheeting thickness, speed etc. The machines are easy to use with ergonomic parts and intuitive controls.

Bench models are available in sizes from our most popular 507 model (500mm wide belts that are also 750mm long on either side) to the largest 610 version (600mm wide, 1000mm long belts) and floor standing models go right up to machines featuring two 1600mm long belts.

For businesses not requiring fully automatic sheeting capabilities, these machines offer reliability and performance to aid all pastry production.

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