Craft Bakery Spiral Mixers

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Along with the oven, one of the most important pieces of kit within any bakery are the mixers. Whether a craft set-up looking to replace existing mixers or a micro bakery moving on from a domestic machine, the Polin range offers a wide choice in capacities and configurations as well as the ability to cope with a variety of doughs at various levels of hydration.

Competitively priced, the Polin Fixed Bowl Spiral Mixers offer a quality Italian build with no compromise. With a compact foot print and by being raised above the floor they offer not only a space saving within your bakery but also provide an easier work around for handling and cleaning.

Polin offer two models, the Craftsman which features the industry standard 2 timers and 2 speeds with automatic shift from 1st to 2nd speed, as well as the Artisan which along with the additional and very useful reversible bowl motion also has uprated motors.

All the models can handle a mix of around 8-10% of the maximum capacity of dough, allowing for small batches to be produced to the same quality and without the need of an additional mixer for these products.

The fixed bowl machines begin at a 35kg capacity bowl going right up to 300kg versions however, at this kind of level we would recommend moving across to one of the Polin Industrial removable bowl models.

The Artisan model is available as a tipping machine which can be linked with a divider or just a workstation allowing for streamlining production. Other options across the Artisan range include stainless steel construction, solid safety guards as opposed to the standard stainless steel wire version and temperature probes.


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We find our Polin mixer very reliable and consistent for producing full range of quality doughs for various roll and bread production lines, plus the back up from Brook Food is excellent.

Steve Mitchell
S M Bayne and Co


The Polin mixers do a consistent job for our roll production. We have been especially delighted with the Customer Service that Brook Food have afforded us.

Peter Ford, Director
The Premium Roll Company

When production increases and there’s a need for a larger spiral mixer, the Polin Removable Bowl Spiral Mixers offer versatility in terms of model capacities available, as well as production set up options including Tipping Mixers and stand-alone tippers to take the mixer bowls.

This all allows for the mixers to be streamlined into production lines either compact in terms of just a divider or in to a longer process to include lamination lines for example.

The Polin Removable Bowl Spiral Mixers are available in 6 capacities, offering 2 timers and 2 speeds as well as a reversible bowl motion and the addition of a 2nd bowl speed, thus allowing for a greater variety of products to be produced.

Easy to use head lifting and bowl removal allows for a more streamline production, which along with quality Italian build, offers a reliable, durable and much proven option for larger food producers.

Polin’s Tipping mixers can fit easily into various production facilities and serve either worktables, dividers or production lines after mixing and can be configured to tip to the front, one side or both sides.

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