The versatility of the Polin Multidrop Depositors

The Polin Multidrop Depositors offers huge versatility, being able to create many products on the one machine, including wire cut biscuits and cookies in standard shapes such as round, square and hearts along with bespoke shapes to suit your requirements which may involve a famous landmark, a flower or an animal.

Other products include, cupcakes and muffins with and without inclusions, choux pastry such as profiteroles and éclairs, sheet cakes and shortbreads, meringues either individual nests or fingers,macaroons, Viennese biscuits, depositing swirls of icing on to other products and much, much more.

Not only can the machines produce a wide range of products, they also produce them with speed and efficiency, with fast changeover between hoppers and templates. This in itself equates to a more streamlined process which can save you time and increase productivity.

The Polin Multidrop Depositors are competitively priced, with low running costs.



“Our depositor does the work of 5 bakers, 200% increase of production.

We increased our product range 5 fold. With potential to
increase further safe in the knowledge that the machine can handle the other products as we think of them.

Very easy machine to train staff on and Brook Food back up service is second to none”

Mitchell Boyle from Kerrs Bakery


“Since introducing the Polin Multidrop, work that used to take 4 bakers 10 hours per day is now completed automatically in just 2 hours using the precise wire cut facility on the machine”

Archie Patterson – Nevis Bakery