Reach Food Systems Ultrasonic Cake cutter

Reach Food Systems is dedicated to making the best and most innovative food machinery. One of the newer products in the market is the Ultrasonic cake cutter, a new and innovative piece of equipment. 

A key element of the Reach Food Systems cutters and slicers are that they meet a variety of needs within cake production facilities by operating using the latest technologies to allow users to get accurate results to best suit the products that they are producing as well as offering versatility across different ranges of products.

Ultrasonic technology has been developed within the sector to cut popular products such as snack bars, protein bars, flapjacks as well as more traditional tray bakes, and cream based layered cakes for instance

The Reach Food Systems ultrasonic sheet cutter will also cut fresh, chilled or frozen round cakes, up to a diameter of 12”, 2 at a time including delicate fresh cream type products into preprogramed portion sizes.One of the key components is the machines ability to cut each product without dragging which means the product is cut without ruined layers or spoiled decoration due to it pulling thus ensuring maximum efficiency and minimum waste.

The Ultrasonic blade on the cutter vibrate at 30 kHz preventing product sticking to the blade, this makes it the ideal machine for sticky, delicate and notoriously difficult to cut products, capable of cutting both savoury and sweet items such as pies, quiches, pizzas, sponges, cakes, cheesecakes, pastries, flapjacks, brownies and many other products whether ambient or frozen and gives each slice a clean fresh cut look.

It has a HMI touch screen which is really user friendly and provides accuracy of positioning and repeatability. A key feature of the control system is the recipe handling system which also calculates yield management making this a very efficient and easy to use tool, the ability to easily control portion sizes, the increased quality and saving on labour enhances production throughout and in turn profitability for the business.