Due to increased demand, we are pleased to have partnered with Danbake to offer a Pass Through Rack Oven range to our customers. 

These ovens are available in six sizes and can be run on electricity, oil and gas, with options to be customised to your requirements.

The timeless and elegantly designed ovens boast advantages of effective heat exchange, high efficiency and low heating costs. Following the counter current exchange principle, the air inside the oven that passes the heat exchanger initially meets the coolest smoke gasses, gradually warming up from the increasingly hotter gasses. 

These ovens are user-friendly, with an ergonomic handle and smart control panel. The dust and moisture-resistant panel allows a great overview of the entire baking process. Energy saving functions and the option to check the cost per bake means that the panel provides complete control over finances. Options to easily save recipes and program the oven start time allow for increased efficiency.

The Danbake slow start function gives a softer baking process, as the rotation speed starts lower, helping baking more delicate products. The robust floor in the oven is built to ensure durability, and the powerful, reinforced ramp keeps its shape under heavy loads.