National holiday chain carry out Polin oven trials at Brook Food Test Bakery

Our fully equipped on site Test Bakery is equipped to assist customers with product development, equipment testing and product trials.

1000sq ft and with resident machinery that includes a combined Polin gas steam tube and electric artisan deck oven, a compact Polin single rack rotary oven, a modular Polin electric deck oven, mixers, a pastry production line, pastry rollers, Multidrop depositors, etc we like to think that we have something for everyone.

Our aim is to provide an environment where users can test machinery to understand a process or a product ready for implementing at their own facility, we recently welcomed a team of chefs from a national holiday chain to our test facility to trial the Polin electric modular deck oven range, they were looking at how they could effectively and efficiently create and bake Pizzas on a large scale within a high volume buffet style restaurant with live cooking stations

With such an emphasis on creating high quality pizzas on a large scale, the results needed to be consistently high and the oven easy for their chefs to use.

The Chef’s came to us and spent the entire day using our facility and found trialling the ovens a real benefit.

The Company’s Development Chef had this to say

“It was a great discovery exercise for us. The Polin oven will deal with the high volume that we need, bake time is crucial and we managed to meet our targets within our desired 17 minutes. The quality and consistency of the oven is second to none and it was so easy to control temperature and operate. To have the option of having the stone in there is very good too and we are very much looking forward to working with these ovens in the future.”

In addition to the resident equipment we can also install a particular new or used machine for special trials allowing customers to emulate a technique before committing to purchase a machine to ensure the right equipment is chosen for the task in hand. 

The test bakery is free to use and is available for use by anyone, whether a prospective customer looking to purchase machinery or if customers want to conduct product trials in a commercial environment.