Geary’s Bakeries have made shoppers stop in their tracks whilst in the bakery aisles over the past year with the introduction of their own ‘Jason’s Sourdough’ branded innovative sourdough products. Geary’s Managing Director Jason Geary developed the Ciabattin loaf as a concept to have great Sourdough product, mashed up with a Ciabatta type dough and baked in a tin - making it more friendly for consumers to use and enjoy. It makes perfect toast with really great texture and softness so really versatile.

Multiple award winning ‘Ciabattin’ was first launched in the Spring of 2020 and has been a great success line for stockists Marks and Spencer.  The range quickly gained traction in the industry with Geary’s being a finalist for the Bakery Manufacturer award at the 2020 Baking Industry Awards and winning both The Grocer New Product Award 2020, Bread & Baked Goods and the Best Artisan Product in the World Food Innovation Awards in early 2021.

Looking for consistency and reliability to achieve a high volume, yet an authentic mixing action, Geary’s introduced for their first Polin mixer in 2019 to develop the new lines ahead of the launch for the Ciabbatin ranges. Steve Gurney, Quality Operations & Innovation Director, describes Polin mixers’ as “simple, reliable, proven engineering to enable efficient large scale production” he adds that bringing in the first 300kg spiral model has “helped make the business successful”.

Steve continues “Alongside this, the Polin mixer accommodates a variety of mix sizes, which works extremely well with our long bulk fermentation process”.

The Ciabattin range features 3 flavours, White, Grains & Seeds and Craft Beer and these options have proven popular with consumers and encouraged Geary’s to increase production capacity. A second 300kg mixer alongside its automatic tipper added in January 2020 at the Barrow facility, where all sourdough breads, Ciabattin, stiff sour and flat breads are mixed in the Polin mixers.
The Standard Removable Bowl range offers high quality mixing within a range of machines from 130 - 300kg models, and Industrial Removable Bowl models achieve the same quality and consistency along with a heavier duty build. Geary’s mix around 140,000 units per week over all products ranges, alongside mixing around 500Kg per day of their own sourdough starter.

The standard version is available with 2 bowl and tool speeds as well as reversible bowl motion and 2 electronic timers and comes in either a painted or stainless steel finish. Additional bowls allow for increased productivity and options include programmable controls and covered guarding. All Polin’s industrial mixers benefit from uprated motors and robust construction ensuring efficiency and reliability.  Geary’s have opted for 3m high tipping systems to allow for streamline processing feeding dividers and chunking hoppers ready for further processing on the lines.

Geary’s latest launches are the highly anticipated ‘Breads of the World’ range, the truly innovative ‘Twisted Sourdough’ range and the top tier ‘Straight Up Sourdough’ range. A 3rd Polin 300kg spiral mixer, again with an accompanying automatic tipping system, has recently been installed for use in their Glenfield Bakery facility mixing doughs for the launches in both ASDA & Ocado.

Further products are set for launch in more retailers over the coming months – building upon the Jason’s Sourdough success so far.

We asked Jason what’s next for Geary’s Bakery, he quotes “Getting our brand and products to more people and more retailers. We’re all about raising the bar at mealtimes and reinventing how the UK thinks about bread – putting proper bread higher up on consumer’s radar. This is both for our Jason’s Sourdough brand and for private label customers.”