Large selection of well maintained equipment for bagel manufacture and packing. Most machines come with spares and manuals. 


Escher Spiral Mixer with fixed bowl M200 premium
2019 Polin Mixer Pro E 250 with 3 mixing bowls, all stainless with colour touch screen
2019 Polin Mixer BLT bowl lifter, all stainless
2019 Russell Fine compact 600 sieve and LEV.

2019 Oddy 428 (3 row in a 4 row body) with bulk feeder
2 x 3 Lane Transfer Conveyors
1 x Wetter and Seeder Section
3 x Individual Bagel Forming Lanes with size change parts
1 x Retract Conveyor.

2 Lane Bagel Polin Divider
Acrivarn 36 Rack Gas Tunnel Proving Room
2 x 2019 Revent 724, 2 Rack Gas Ovens
2 x 2017 Revent 724, 2 Rack Gas Ovens
2013 Revent 724, 2 Rack Gas Oven.

2021 Acrivarn 24 Rack Forced Air Cooling Tunnel, AS NEW
3x 2018 Krumbein BBS VE Single Lane Slicers
2019 Krumbein BBS 1V Double Lane Slicer
2017 Affeldt E350D Vertical Fill Bagging m/c with optical counting system and Markem X40 printer
2 x 2017 Flighted Incline Conveyor with indeed hopper
2014 PFM Pearl Flow Wrapper with ICE printer and Herma labeller
Safeline Metal Detector.

242 x 20 Runner Stainless Steel Revent Racks
4500 Flat 18" x 30" Flat Trays
2021 Jeros 6007/508 Tray Cleaner
2008 ICS IC305 I Chiller with 750L Holding Tank and 2 Digital Water Meter
2021 Abac Spin 5.5XE 270 Air Compressor.