For the past 6 years, every March we’ve launched our sponsorship of the Baking Industry Awards ‘Baker of the Year’ campaign. This year, as the world began to ‘lockdown’ we were worried about how exactly the awards would be run. Our judging process consists of much more than a quick look over entry forms, and we take the whole process very seriously. Since we started sponsoring this prestigious award in 2014 we have visited bakers up and down the UK, each year travelling around 3,500 miles to see entrants at their bakeries and the idea of a restricted, socially distanced judging process was very much a concern.

When William Reed confirmed that the 2020 awards weren’t to take place until January 2021, we were really chuffed. Not only because of the logistics of judging bakers, but also because the delay allows greater integrity – how could we possibly maintain a balanced approach during a pandemic and so much uncertainty – the highly anticipated build up just wouldn’t be right in the circumstances. So now as we get ready to ramp up our support for the awards and encourage entries, we are excited to be doing so in a much clearer place. 

We can now, with enthusiasm, encourage bakers up and down the U.K. to enter this category, to nominate themselves as the top baker in the country in what has undoubtably been the most challenging time many of us have ever experienced or can remember. It has required focus, creativity, compassion and hard work to be strong in the industry and now is a great time to recognise these achievements, and those that built the foundations in baking to be able to continue baking, supplying customers with great products and serving the wider communities.

The Baker of the Year category is like no other, it recognises the individual rather than the business. It’s about the person. The baker behind the brand; the baker behind the great products. It’s about finding the best baker the U.K. has to offer.

Entering is straight forward, but it’s a category judged with integrity and passion. The judges who are both ourselves as sponsors as well as independent are looking for something special. The dedication and passion shown by previous winners has been beyond admirable.


The awards are FREE to enter!
Entry deadline: Friday 28 August 2020

The 2020 Baker of the Year will be one to remember…